Peter and Marty Braun at Clear Creek Interpretive Center

Peter & Marty Braun at Clear Creek Interpretive Center

About Orchard Foods

Orchard Foods was founded in 1988 and opened its first store in Port Orchard, Washington in November of 1989. The company was founded by Peter & Marty Braun with the help of their families. Peter’s father Don played a large role early on advising the young entrepreneurs for many years and served on the Board of Directors.

The company primarily focused on developing the Taco Bell brand on the Olympic Peninsula, building several stores in the 1990s. Then in 1998 Orchard Foods joined the KFC family buying 6 KFC stores and building 2 more. Orchard Foods has built and acquired a total of 20 stores, eventually selling several to arrive at its current size of 12 stores. The company plans to build another 4 or 5 stores on the peninsula in the years ahead.

Mentor Mold Teach

Our Mission

Mentor Mold Teach has been a touchstone for us to keep our focus on developing opportunities for all of our team. Whether it be a student manager learning how to run a shift in the store to a young employee looking for a career in the business developing all the way to the manager of a million dollar plus business. There are several levels of management development available along that path. We also seek to help our people find their place I the world and provide some work skills they can carry into that space.


Providing the time and space to help people develop their passion and direction.



Providing a workplace that supports the molding of quality and character.


We always need to learn, this is a lifelong process. We strive to teach our people how to succeed in whatever they want to pursue.